Purging private message queues

I’ve monitored an application that relied on both public and private message queues. All is wonderful until it’s not. Something happened, the database started wigging out and local message queues on our application servers grew out of control. We found the problem, fixed it and all is good to go, but we still have a bunch of crap queued up…in my scenario, they were logging queues which if left alone would flush themselves out eventually in the meantime our logging server would get the pounding of its life.

Let’s just purge those queues…we don’t care about logging anyways right. Sounds easy enough but try purging local message queues on 80 servers. It’s one of those things where you have to log into the server, do some clicking until you get to the option to purge the queue. Fear no more lazy people, this is the ticket.

Make sure you test this in your production environment first lol.


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