About the RixMix phenomenon.

Perhaps due to the quarantine, many worked remote and given the opportunity of solitude, listening to music had an opportunity it hadn’t had for a very long time. Being able to listen to anything you want is awesome! And as it turns out, curated playlists are a good starting point to your own personalized list of hits that make you dance when no one is watching.

I have playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music, only because whenever I want to share with others, they’re likely to have at the very least access to one of the music services I officially support. I spend a lot of time, probably too much time, picking out the tracks I add to a playlist so that they can bare the badge that they’re included in a RixMix!

Sometimes I add a song that makes me question my judgement later, but that happens few and far between my constant curation.

What makes the cut? 

  • Has to make me feel a special kinda way.
  • Has to sound good LOUD!!

I’ll post my playlists with links to the various services so you can check them out. I hope you enjoy them and I really don’t care for negative feedback so you are free to keep that to yourself 🙂

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