Ready-made layouts created for WordPress

I’m hoping you know what a WordPress theme is and that’s what brings you here. But in case you’re not familiar with them, in a nutshell, WordPress Themes are ready-made layouts created for WordPress.

There are so many themes out there, some free and some will cost you some money, and sometimes they’re worth it because they come with support and hopefully come packed with all the bells and whistles.


I would consider a paid-for theme if I ever found one that had everything I wanted and as long as it’s not subscription based, that’s a big negative for me as I like to keep my costs down as much as possible, whenever possible.


Once upon a time, most of the themes weren’t sophisticated enough to support both a desktop version and alternate layout versions for various mobile devices but nowadays, it’s more common to find a theme that displays well on any platform.

Content layout

Is the content displayed to your liking? Are the menus on the correct side? Do you like the placement of the sidebars? Things like this are probably the most important to me because they’re not the easiest to change if I wanted to make some tweaks of my own.


The color theme is usually never a big deal. Most themes will give you some basic options of color modifications and the ability to set custom backgrounds (although you shouldn’t), and even if they don’t, you can easily override them with some CSS magic.


Fonts, like colors are not an issue as they can easily be changed with CSS but I would recommend using basic fonts to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

Be realistic

You’re not going to find the perfect theme out there, but you can find a good theme to serve as the foundation to which you can build on.