This is probably the millionth+1 version and as of 2019, I’m running it on a Windows server at home powered by a couple of Docker containers, one for MariaDB and another for WordPress.

If you haven’t already started messing around with containers, what are you waiting for? Install Docker Desktop and spin up a couple of containers. It may seem a little intimidating but it’s easy to get help.

This might seem like a duplicate post, but since I posted my original Docker configuration, I have changed my MariaDB container and had to make some changes to my WordPress container as well.

This is all the code I use to spin up my site as of 10-29-09:

# MariaDB
# I added persistence and a place I can dump files to that I can then access from my Windows box
docker run --name mariadb -e MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD=Booya123 -v 'X:\DockerPersistence\MariaDB:/bitnami/mariadb' -v 'X:\DockerPersistence\MariaDB\repo:/repo' -d bitnami/mariadb:latest
docker start mariadb

# WordPress
# I had too add the database password this time...not sure why.
docker run --name wordpress -e WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD=Booya123 --link mariadb:mysql -e WORDPRESS_TABLE_PREFIX=wp_ -p 80:80 -v 'X:\Archive:/var/www/html/wp-content/uploads/archive' -d wordpress
docker start wordpress

Then you can browse the host server on the respective port and like magic….you’ll be stepping through the WordPress configuration.